Lynssi Mariah. 15. Sophomore. Varsity Dance Team. A&F, hot boys. dancing. overexaggerated love. great music. lame jokes. summertime, CONFIDENCE. ♥
acting is a passion, you'll be seeing me on the big screen. VS Angel is my dream. get at me. :]

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i know im not the prettiest.. but look beyond that and you will find a great heart & a great friend. <3
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this&#8230; was the first time he had told me he loved me.
i was so shocked.
and happy.
and scared.

i&#8217;ve never liked anyone as much as i like this guy.. its crazy the way he makes me feel. I just hope everything goes well&#8230; because well, I love him. &lt;3
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I’m going to open a store next to Forever 21 and call it Finally 22.

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